April 22, 2019
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R S Germany 2 Art Deco plates
R S Germany 2 Art Deco plates 2 Art Deco plates from R S Germany. Very colourful bright yellow three quarter border with light blu or purple irises and very modern looking leaves, these plates remind you of some of Clarice Cliff's designs. Very nice!
Each is about 7" in diameter.

The "RS" in RS Prussia is derived from its founder, Reinhold Schlegelmilch. While his factory enjoyed limited success, it was the work of his two sons, Arnold and Ehrhard that would make the mark bearing his initials famous. While Ehrhard continued to operate the factory in Suhl, Arnold went on to found a second factory in nearby Tillowitz. These two operations produced the majority of their products for export beginning in 1892 up until the beginning of World War I. During this period, most of the pieces exported to the United States bore the mark described above, with Prussia in red beneath. In 1910, the Tillowitz factory began using the all-green "RS Germany" mark, and miraculously continued producing fine China through the Second World War. The original factory in Suhl closed down before the First World War ended.
Pieces bearing both the "RS Prussia" and the "RS Germany" mark can be found. Depending on when they were produced, the qualities of these items may be almost indistinguishable. It is generally understood, however, that the pieces produced at the Tillowitz factory bearing the "RS Germany" mark throughout the years tended to simpler molds and more subtle decoration.
In the 1920's, some of the Tillowitz pieces began reflecting growing preferences in both the United States and Europe for "art deco" or modern art involving solid colors and geometric shapes. It should also be mentioned that more "blanks" were produced at the Tillowitz factory, and were shipped abroad for decorating. The Pickard mark is the most common one to be found on "RS Germany" blanks, which was a highly successful decorating studio established in 1894 in Illinois.
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