April 8, 2020
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Herend Hungary gleaming oyster shell bowl
Herend Hungary gleaming oyster shell bowl It measures 9" long by almost 8 3/4" wide by 3 1/4" tall at the top of the handle.
The brownish spots visible around the Herend mark is residue from a sticker and will be cleaned off before shipping.
If you wish I can put a piece of felt on the base, since it looks like the original was removed for identification.
Founded in 1832, Herend is one of the world's most renowned porcelain makers. Based in Hungary, Herend porcelain's skilled artisans design and hand paint a wide variety of masterworks, from adorable hand painted figurines to stunning dinnerware (ranging from modest cake, coffee, and tea sets to magnificent full dinner services). From its beginnings in the 18th century, where it catered to the world's more tasteful aristocracy to its emergence as a global sensation, Herend has remained among the highest echelon of porcelain. With its quality workmanship, impeccable attention to detail and exquisite use of color and texture, Herend is a guaranteed symbol of excellence

It was founded in 1826 by Vince Stingl as an earthenware pottery manufacturing factory, but also he had been carrying out research experiments on porcelain making. Stingl ran out of funds and subsequently went bankrupt, his creditor Mór Fischer took control of the factory in 1839. The new owner of the manufactory, Mór Fischer, being very ambitious and having new ideas, started artistic porcelain manufacturing in the same year. At that time it was almost impossible to replace broken pieces and supply old, classical porcelain dinner-sets from the Far East and from Europe, but Mór Fischer's efforts met the support of the Hungarian aristocracy already in 1840. The artistic demand, the effort of manufacturing the first true pieces in Herend succeeded in a very short time. The First Hungarian Applied Art Exhibition, the Vienna Exhibition in 1845, the London World Exhibition in 1851, the New York World Exhibition in 1853 and the Paris World Exhibition in 1855 brought the highest appreciation for Herend respectively. This appreciation appears in the order of several royal courts (Queen Victoria, Francis Joseph I., Maximillian, Mexican emperor etc.). The name of well-known patterns refer to the first customers (Queen Victoria, Esterházy, Batthyány, Rothschild, Apponyi). 1865 Francis Joseph I. gave noble title to Mór Fischer, appreciating his results and work in porcelain art. Since 1872 Mór Fischer Farkasházy, Purveyor to the Royal Court, was entitled to use the shapes and patterns of the Manufactory of Vienna, which had closed down. That was the first golden age of Herend.

In 1874 Mór Fischer gave the management of the manufactory to his sons. After this, the level of production started to decline, due to repressing the artistic aspests. The factory had several owners, and went almost bankrupt as a result of withdrawing from the artistic aspects. Development came only at the end of the century, when the grandson of the founder, Jeno Farkasházy, became the owner of the factory. Jeno Farkasházy was a trained ceramist, who gained experience in foreign factories and wanted to follow the founder's concepts. Having excellent taste, he gave new life to traditions and in addition, introduced novelties in 1900 Paris, and 1901 St. Petersburg.

Between the two world wars, limited reproduction of traditional products, from the age of Mór Fischer, was continued. Hungarian figures were also manufactured, after the work of the best Hungarian sculptors.

From 1948 the Manufactory was nationalized and had been owned by the communist State. Since the privatisation in 1993 75% of the Porcelain Manufactory is owned by the management and the workers. The mission of the Herend Porcelain Manufactory Ltd. is to maintain its position as a profitable enterprise on the leading edge of production of hand-crafted luxury porcelain goods of outstanding quality, nurturing the history and traditions of artisanship, providing a secure, longterm workplace for our skilled employees.

It subsequently became one of the leading factories in Veszprém county.

As of 2006, the factory is profitable again and exporting to over 60 countries of the world. Its main markets are the USA, Japan, Italy and Russia.

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