July 23, 2019
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.....SOLD.....Furstenberg silver luster glazed tea set. Stunning!
.....SOLD.....Furstenberg silver luster glazed tea set. Stunning! After Meissen, Fürstenberg is the second royal porcelain manufactory in the German-speaking world which has produced continuously until today. This is a rare and exceptional tea set which is very impressive looking. I would put the value of this set at well over a hundred if not for that tape damage.

Furstenberg is one of the oldest and most renowned porcelain manufacturers in Europe. Furstenberg china is famous for creating classic porcelain designs decade after decade. The companies work with Wilhelm Wagenfeld produced model German design by the Bauhaus master. Furstenberg continues its dinnerware porcelain classics with its Central Park china pattern. At Furstenberg every handle on a cup or coffee pot is decorated by hand, every dinnerware plate is formed and boned in a traditional manner and bear the made in German mark. This means that each piece of Furstenberg porcelain contains a little bit of personality; reflected in the carefully modeled relief, complex open work, and extreme sensitivity used in applying the pattern. This also applies to a craft Furstenberg has always upheld in which they train their apprentices: Hand painting, the classic art of porcelain finishing. This makes Furstenberg one of the few tableware manufactures that still offer hand painted dinnerware.
1708 In Dresden, Ehrenfried Walther von Tschirnhaus and his assistant Johann Friedrich Böttger are the first Europeans to successfully manufacture porcelain.
1744 The first attempts at porcelain manufacture are begun in Wolfenbüttel.
1747 On July 11, Duke Carl I. of Brunswick orders the foundation of a porcelain manufactory in Fürstenberg. Following the manufactory Meissen (founded in 1710) it is the second royal porcelain manufactory in the German-speaking world which has produced continuously until today.
1753 The first satisfactory series of porcelain is fired in FÜRSTENBERG.
1756 A second company, for executing the multi-colored painting, is established in Braunschweig and privatized in 1828.
1859 The ducal porcelain manufactory in Fürstenberg is leased to private persons.
1888 The manufactory is successfully transformed into a joint-stock company.
1934 Wilhelm Wagenfeld designs his Form 639 for FÜRSTENBERG, which is honored with the gold medal at the 1937 world's fair in Paris.
1966 Change of legal form to limited company. The parent company is Braunschweig GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Norddeutsche Landesbank.
1972 A new production building is erected beside the castle. The extensions built in the castle courtyard are torn down. In the years that follow the Weser Renaissance castle, where the company's own Museum is located today, is restored to its original state.
1993 With the reorganization of production and installation of modern kilns, the manufactory's reorientation begins.
1997 On January 11, the manufactory celebrates its 250th birthday and introduces a Jubilee Edition of the Wagenfeld form to the market.
1999 On March 4, the FÜRSTENBERG Store opens in Hanover.
2000 The manufactory introduces their tableware form Basic, which shortly thereafter receives the international "Red Dot for High Design Quality" award. FÜRSTENBERG wins the competition to produce the International gift of EXPO 2000 and the official porcelain "Wall of Hands".
2002 The manufactory begins its 255th year of continuous production.
2003 The 5 piece set Qi of the Porzellanmanufaktur FÜRSTENBERG has been awarded with the “reddot: best of the best”, the internationally coveted seal of quality from the Design Center of North Rhine Westfalia. The gift ware collection TWIST received the “Design Plus Award 2003”.
2004 Once again, this time for the vases series TAO, the Porzellanmanufaktur FÜRSTENBERG has been awarded with the „reddot for high design quality“.
If you wish to see some nice china, here is their website
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.....SOLD.....Furstenberg silver luster glazed tea set. Stunning! $35.00 Out of Stock
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