April 8, 2020
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Kahla china luster glazed rainbow serving dish or bowl
Kahla china luster glazed rainbow serving dish or bowl Kahla china luster glazed rainbow serving dish or bowl. Unusual rainbow coloured bowl with a large flower pot in the middle. This has two perforated handles at each side. Nicely done! Marked "Kahla 220" and has the older Kahla mark.


In 1814, Christian Jacob Eckhard requests Kahla citizenship.
In October 1844 production in Kahla starts and cups, pipes and doll`s heads are created out of porcelain. The porcelain factory, situated near the Leuchtenburg Castle, develops into to a major enterprise. Many people who lived in Kahla and the surrounding villages find jobs there. Friedrich August Koch, a Prussian businessman, takes over the factory in 1856 after the previous owner runs up bad debts and has to sell up. In 1859, he receives a new concession to start digging again. Porcelain is created out of three basic materials : quartz sand, feldspar and kaolinite. To encourage the finding of more raw materials, the management gave out bonuses.
In the Walpersberg, kaolinite quartz sand was excavated in the eastern part by the Kahla Porcelain Factory AG, and in the western part by the mill owner Meltzer from Grosseuterdorf.

Kahla Porcelain has been among Europe's most innovative porcelain manufacturers since 1844. With over 50 international design awards, Kahla's modern design goes beyond the merely functional to give each object individual distinction.


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Kahla china luster glazed rainbow serving dish or bowl $15.99
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