How to buy any item (or items)

here at China Miner. 

Many customers may find the checkout process complicated.

We have put together a short guide to make it easier for customers to view, edit and/or purchase any of our products.

(See bottom of this page)

The program we use here at China Miner (as do most sites with shopping cart features) does not really calculate shipping costs for any item until a customer goes through the checkout process.

Please be aware that just proceeding with the checkout does not obligate anyone

to purchase anything!

You are not committed to buy any product until you actually leave our site and make arrangements with Paypal.

Even if you do end up at the Paypal site, you are still not committed to buy

until  you complete the payment arrangements with Paypal!



Short guide to navigating our site 

The guide is in slideshow form and will automatically advance to the next slide in 10 seconds.

You can pause it at any time by clicking on the "||" button found at the bottom right corner.

To resume, click on the ">" button.

You can also skip forward with the " >|" button

And go back with the "|<" button.

Click HERE to view the guide.