.....SOLD.....Fiesta Utensil Crock or Tool container in Cobalt Blue or Light Blue, possibly Periwinkle $30.00
Click Here for Product Details! Fiesta Utensil Crock or Tool container available in Cobalt Blue. This is better called a utility crock since it has many uses. Besides looking Maaahvelous! It serves as a flower pot, a kitchen utensil holder, a bread stick container and anything else you can think of. This crock measures 6 5/8 inches by about 5 1/4" diameter at the top.
.....SOLD.....Fiesta Plum glazed Royalty vase $29.99
Click Here for Product Details! Fiesta Plum glazed Royalty vase. This classic Fiestaware Royalty vase features a rounded belly for stability and arches gently outwards to allow flowers to spread out from the 5-inch-wide mouth. Adds a quiet touch of elegance to any corner in the house. Note that the colour is some what reddish tinted in the first image due to fluorescent lighting.
.....SOLD.....Fiesta yellow bud vase $20.00
Click Here for Product Details! Fiesta yellow bud vase. A piece with a yellow (Sunflower maybe) glaze. First produced by the Homer Laughlin Co., the bud vase was part of the first set of pieces introduced in 1936 and was discontinued in the mid 1940’s. Since Fiesta’s re issues these come in other colours.
.....SOLD.....Fiestaware Red flower vase $50.00
Click Here for Product Details! Fiestaware Red flower vase. It stands about 8" high. This is either vintage and worth $1000s or it is newer and worth about $50. Since I can’t be absolutely sure I am listing it at $50. This could be a real steal!
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We still have this page for reference but the items are no longer available.

Fiesta is a line of dinnerware glazed in differing solid colors manufactured and marketed by the Homer Laughlin China Company of Newell, West Virginia, since 1936
Fiesta® Dinnerware was originally designed by Frederick Hurten Rhead in 1936. Some of the redesigned original shapes, and other new shapes were designed by the late Jonathan O. Parry, who became the company art director in 1984.
.Fiestaware is now
the most collected china products in the world
. As originally designed, the line featured
art deco 
styling and bold, bright colors
. The product was discontinued in 1973 and
reissued in 1986 with
new contemporary colors to mark its 50th anniversary. 

Fiesta® Dinnerware’s styling complements a wide range of decors.
The fifteen bold colors complement one another as well as a wide range
of interior palettes. Over 50 items in the line provide maximum service options 
and ensure consistent tabletop styling. The plate’s coupe shape allows maximum food 
plating surface; sculpted concentric rings highlight and frame the food presentation. 
Alpha Alumina added to the body enhances durability and provides superior heat retention.
Home site of Homer Laughlin China Company

    As a line of open-stock dinnerware, Fiestaware allows buyers to select by the piece, rather than requiring the purchase of entire sets. Notably, buyers can mix and match from the color range. According to David Conley, the company's director of retail sales and marketing, Fiestaware's current colors derive from home decor and fashion trends, and according to the Smithsonian Institute Press, Fiestaware's appeal lies in its bright colors, modern design, and affordability.
The name of this line of dinnerware has always been simply Fiesta; however, after the Homer Laughlin China Company began marketing other lines of dinnerware in similar solid color glazing, and especially after other manufacturers began imitating the very successful Fiesta line of dinnerware, the public began to refer to all solid color dinnerware as "Fiestaware".
Introduced at the annual Pottery and Glass Exhibit held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in January, 1936, Fiesta was not the first solid color dinnerware in the US; smaller companies, especially BauerPottery in California, had been producing dinnerware in solid color glazes for the better part of a decade by the time Fiesta was first introduced to the market. However, Fiesta was the first widely mass-promoted and marketed solid color dinnerware. At the time of its introduction, the decoration of dinnerware and kitchenware ceramics was still very much Victorian era inspired, with full predetermined sets all decorated with the same decal designs. Fiesta represented something radically new to the general public with its solid color glazes and mix-and-match concept. At its introduction, the Fiesta line of dinnerware comprised some thirty-seven different pieces, including such unusual items as Candleholders in two designs, a Bud Vase, an Ash Tray, and a set of seven Nested Mixing Bowls ranging from the smallest at five inches in diameter up to a giant having nearly a twelve inch diameter. Although basic table service sets for four, six and eight persons made up of the usual dinner plate, salad plate, soup bowl, and cup and saucer were available, the promotion and presentation of Fiesta from the start was as a line of open stock items from which the individual purchaser could combine serving and place pieces as personal preference desired and need dictated.
To quote from an early Homer Laughlin Company brochure listing items available in the Fiesta line at that time:
"COLOR! that's the trend today..." and it went on to say, "It gives the hostess the opportunity to create her own table effects....... Plates of one color, Cream Soups of another, contrasting Cups and Saucers....it's FUN to set a table with Fiesta!"

To the variety of pieces offered at its introduction, the Homer Laughlin Company quickly added several additional items to the line. During this period a few of the items received modifications, and one or two of the most unusual items were eliminated completely such as the Covered Onion Soup Bowl, and the Mixing Bowl Covers. In the following years up to 1940 still more items were regularly brought into production to expand the line. At its greatest number the Fiesta line of dinnerware comprised approximately sixty-four different items including Flower Vases in three sizes, Divided Plates, Water Tumblers, Carafes, Teapots in two sizes, Five Part Relish Trays, large Chop Plates in fifteen inch and thirteen inch diameters, and several unique sales promotional items offered for only one dollar each which were only available in a predetermined glaze color.
The disruption to society caused by World War II, and the need for manufacturers to focus on production for that effort, affected non-war related production and public demand, and so beginning in 1942 the Fiesta line of items began to be reduced. Over the next four years, even as these more unusual serving pieces were being discontinued, and in fact by the year 1946 the line's variety of items had been reduced by nearly one third, still, overall sales of the more typical place setting pieces in the Fiesta line remained strong and reportedly peaked around 1948. Ultimately the popularity of Fiesta was due to its bright colors, durable construction, stylized art deco shape and design, and its promotion through mass marketing. From its first introduction in 1936 and for over a decade Fiesta was a widespread fad and so became something of a status symbol of the late 1930s and pre-war 1940s middle-class household. Today, this vintage Fiesta trades briskly on auction websites and at other antique/vintage product sales venues.




.....SOLD.....Fiestaware Tom and Jerry mugs in assorted colours $39.99
Click Here for Product Details! Fiestaware Tom and Jerry mugs in assorted colours. These are not named after the TV cartoon Tom and Jerry but after a drink! A Tom and Jerry is a traditional Christmas cocktail in the United States. It was devised by sports writer Pierce Egan in the 1820s. It is a variant of eggnog with brandy and rum added and served hot, usually in a mug or a bowl. Price shown is for all four.
.....SOLD.....Fiesta Perriwinkle (I think)glazed covered butter dish $19.99
Click Here for Product Details! Fiesta Perriwinkle (I think) glazed covered butter dish. Blue glazed butter dish with cover produced by the Homer Laughlin Co.. This butter dish is great for serving and storing butter. Measuring 7-1/8" x 4-1/4" in size. Great for storage and serving sticks of butter or margarine. Beneath the Art Deco styled design, the covered butter dish helps keep butter fresh and protected.
.....SOLD.....Fiestaware Red 5 oz. juice tumblers $29.99
Click Here for Product Details! Fiestaware Red 5 oz. juice tumblers. Again due to my colour blindness I can’t definitively state if these are the older ones or the newer post 86 ones. If from the early 36 to 76 period these are worth about $50+ each. If not then they are about $12-15. Price shown is for both.
.....SOLD.....Fiestaware ball salt and pepper shakers $17.99
Click Here for Product Details! Fiestaware ball salt and pepper shakers. Solid, decorative and easy to use sets of salt and pepper shakers in Perriwinkle and the other pair Tangerine color. Great Fiestaware starters. Price shown is for one set only. First buyer has choice of colour.
.....SOLD.....Fiestaware Cobalt blue mini pitcher $15.99
Click Here for Product Details! Fiestaware Cobalt blue mini disc pitcher. Deep blue this 3 1/4" by 3 1/4" pitcher is useful as a creamer or any other small liquid uses. Combines well with other fiesta items.
.....SOLD.....Fiestaware cobalt blue Monarch vase $29.99
Click Here for Product Details! Fiestaware cobalt blue Monarch vase with art deco styling and retro details, this Fiestaware vase is a standout in any decor. Combine this colour with other Fiesta items for a complete rainbow effect. Stands 9-1/4" tall and 4-1/2" diameter
.....SOLD.....Fiestaware Cobalt blue trivet with flaminco dancer $9.99
Click Here for Product Details! Fiestaware Cobalt blue trivet with flaminco dancer. Charming trivet from Homer Laughlin China Co.. Part of the Fiesta line this brilliant cobalt blue trivet is strong enough for everyday use and decorative enough for wall hanging. A greast Fiesta addition! Fiestaware Red flower vase
.....SOLD.....Fiestaware utility trays in a wide range of colours $17.99
Click Here for Product Details! Fiestaware utility trays in a wide range of colours. A great view of the colourful glazes produced by the Homer Laughlin Co. when producing these charming dishes. Price shown is for one set only. First buyer has choice of colour.