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    China Miner has now been operating on the internet for about 7 years. We sell fine china, porcelain, and ceramic items of a collectible nature to customers across the globe.

Chinaminer is one of a chain of Internet based stores we use to sell various collectable items obtained from various sources such as estate sales and auctions. These are all part of Canadutch.

 We also operate a physical store located at the Courtice Flea Market in Courtice, Ontario, Canada.

 Due to the wide variety of items we have available, one store would be too confusing to navigate.For this reason each one will specialize in specific items.This store specializes in china and ceramics. Here, we are selling everything from antique china to handmade ceramics. This includes figurines, collector plates, fine china of any kind, decorative items, pottery, vases, planters and anything made by a firing/baking process.

Our other stores are:

  Paper Trail - Specializing in books,magazines and any other paper related items.

 Glassworks - Specializing in collectible glass items.

  Just For Wraps - Specializing in tins and other materials.


(The last two are early attempts at Ecommerce and are on domains not contolled by us. They are very limited in the features I can offer. They are still there and we do maintain them but not as often.)

     When we first started this store we thought we could make lots of money (wrong!) but now it has become more than just a store. Every item I put on sale has a history and it is fascinating (and many times, frustrating) to try to uncover that history. This site allows me to share these items and their history to anyone interested and at the same time it is becoming a database of ceramic objects with included notes. I do not believe in charging for information or selling books which are updated every few years in order to sell the same material again (with just a few extras added) This site is about CHINA.

   All these people with their books and websites who charge for information are forgetting a very important fact. 

 It is the items themselves which are the stars!

 Why read about something or look at a picture when you can buy it for yourself!

   As I try to research various items it becomes apparent that people are more interested in making money selling information about China than the items themselves. I started all this because I found the items beautiful. If you go to yard sales, auctions etc., people bid huge sums on well known money makers like Roseville, Moorcroft and others and many fine pieces are over looked because they are not as popular.  Even the information available on china tends to concentrate on the more desirable items. The history of china and porcelain is a fascinating and lengthy  one. The more one looks for information the more one realizes that is a tremendously vast field. At China Miner we do not specialize. You will find, (possibly) dollar store items beside great pieces from Royal Doulton, Beswick or Wedgwood. The only criteria for being on China Miner is that it is either useful, beautiful, charming or both. Anything you see inside is something I would have on display if only I had the room.

  The internet should be free and can be a great tool for anyone researching something. I do not put restrictions on any images or text used in this store for this very reason.


 You are NOT free to use information or images you find here for any commercial gain.

 If anyone has any additional  information regarding any of our items on sale I would appreciate receiving it and it will be posted in China Miner. I am always willing to give more information on any item if asked. Hopefully I can maintain this store and keep adding to the history of china and ceramics.


PS: I add information to many of the items in China Miner besides what is shown on the page. If you follow the "More information" button you will find it at the end of the description.



     You can now visit us at the Courtice Flea Market, in Courtice, Ontario, Canada. Just click on the image below




If you are fortunate enough to be able visit there you can eliminate shipping costs for items we sell in any of our internet stores.

  I should also mention here, that with 'we', I mean my wife and I.

 She may hate computers but she helps tremendously with cataloging and research. 

 We are not doing this to get rich and if you think our pricing is too high on some items you may be right. These items I (and/or my wife) have put a personal value on because we really like them and hate to part with them.

 Some items I have priced to the selling price of some established businesses ( If you really want something in my store and you think the price is too high, contact me with a fair offer or an explanation why you think this way and I will consider it.

 Do not compare our prices to those on Ebay since many items are sold at ridiculous prices. If you trust them enough to pay so little for quality items, then do so. I do value a customer's satisfaction and will do my best to make your shopping here an enjoyable experience.

 I really value any comments you could provide regarding your experience with this site or information about some of our items for which we have no knowledge. I wish to continue and expand this store and others as well.


   Click on the the logos below to visit our other internet stores. 

 Our other stores are:

 1.  glassworks.gif    The Glass Works - Specializing in glass items such as crystal, art glass, depression glass, etc.


 2.   papertraillogo.jpg   Papertrail - Specializing in books and or magazines. Old, limited edition, signed, repair manuals and reference books.


 3.   justforwrapslogo.jpg   Just For Wraps - Specializing in Royalty memorabilia and some art.